The Invisible Employee


The Invisible EmployeeNow, with updated case studies, and fresh data, authors Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton combine a good yarn with great business advice and practical guidance for managers, The Invisible Employee—2nd Edition—guides management in learning to engage their staff by setting a clear guiding vision, recognizing the strengths in their employees, and providing a sense of visibility and connection to corporate values and goals. This book shows managers how to get involved and lead their people from obscurity to achievement, reaping the rewards across their entire organization.

There is a crisis in business—especially in today’s economy: the invisible employee. Feeling over-looked, ignored and unappreciated, invisible employees fight back the only way they know how—by staying hidden in the corporate shadows, doing just enough to get by, grumbling about this and that, and passing these techniques along to new workers. After all, why bother shining when no one notices your achievements? Why bother trying when you could be in the next batch of layoffs?

A business fable packed with hard-won wisdom, The The Invisible Employee follows a group of people who live and work together on a mysterious island. In these pages, manager learn how to combat one of the most common negative attitudes in business—that smart employees keep their heads down and never do more than is asked.

The New York Times bestselling authors, Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick take the The Invisible Employee to the next level—illustrating that invisible employees undermine our efforts at building great companies. And they show how effective leaders change this mind-set by engaging their people in their cause and finding a way to bring out their best by setting clear goals, seeing the right behaviors, and celebrating every success along the way. The end result is an organization of productive employees who feel noticed, valued and appreciated. In other words, they feel visible.

In today’s competitive environment, all of us are looking for the next big product, the next big capability or solution. But great managers are turning back to the basics. They are finding that recognizing people leads to a more engaged workforce and a more successful business. The Invisible Employee shows you how to bring out the hidden potential in your team and in your business.