Culture Focus Assessment


What are they saying?

What you don’t know can hurt you. Quantitative survey data can only tell you so much. To get a true assessment of your culture, you need to hear directly from employees and middle managers. And yet few workers are truly willing to open up to their leaders about opportunities for improvement in their team and company cultures. Who wants to be the “squeaky wheel?”

The questions are these: Is your mission alive in the trenches? Are your values and strategies clear and actionable? Are people engaged, enabled, and energized for success? Understanding your employees’ honest perceptions about your culture is the first step in engaging their hearts and minds.

The Culture Focus Group AssessmentTM is a qualitative, third party, interactive, outcome-oriented focus group process that provides your employees a safe opportunity to share their experiences and ideas, their commentary and stories, that will help your leaders better understand cultural perceptions, address any negative trends, and build upon your strengths.

The Assessment is often used during:

  • Cultural Transformations—with the introduction of new strategic or organizational directions, new leadership, or significant change efforts.
  • Organizational Growth—caused by unprecedented organic growth or a pending IPO that can strain the limits of your talent, strategy, and processes.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions—to bring divergent cultures together and make the future successful together.

Quick Facts

  • Method: Appreciative Inquiry approach through focus groups and interviews
  • Participants: Executives, managers and employees at all levels
  • Focus Group Size: Between 8-10 people per session
  • Questions: Fully customizable. Based on The Culture Works’ Cultural Health Diagnostic and Seven-Step Model.
  • Sessions: 2 days on location, 3 sessions per day
  • Process: Kickoff call to identify objectives and success measures; weekly project team meetings led by an experienced Culture Works consultant; assistance with custom launch communication.
  • Reporting: Presentation of Formal Findings Report with: Executive Summary, Visual Scorecard, Custom Demographic Reporting with Culture Design Plan, and Recommendations Road Map.

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