What Motivates Me Executive Retreats



Product Description

Solidify your organization’s talent strategy through exclusive What Motivates Me Executive Retreats, and help your leaders attract, energize and retain talent.
Retreats include:

  • Kickoff Keynote Speech from What Motivates Me author Adrian Gostick or Chester Elton.
  • What Motivates Me Leadership Training. One of our expert facilitators will guide your leadership team through 2 days of challenging, informative and highly engaged exercise and discussion.
  • With the 5 Identities and 23 Core Motivators as the focus, leaders will develop advanced job sculpting skills, career planning strategies and build action plans. Leaders leave the retreat with a rich understanding of the What Motivates Me philosophy and how to help their teams “Put Their Passions to Work.”
  • Price does not include Participant Kit for each attendee.
  • Price does not include Participant Travel expenses.
  • Onsite option available, call for more information.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call (844)MOTIV88 or (844)668-4888