All In Recognition Training & Certification


All In Recognition Training and Trainer Certification

Recognition is the key to unlocking a treasure-trove of discretionary effort within your organization. Groundbreaking research by Towers Watson reveals that recognition “done right” is the primary influencer of feelings of Opportunity and Well-Being at work, which drives Employee Engagement.

Create a Culture of Recognition

Recognition accelerates trust in leadership and levels of engagement within an organization. With these benefits, why don’t leaders focus more on recognizing their employees? Actually, most leaders think they are. The majority of managers believe they are above average at recognizing their employees. As for their teams, the vast majority disagree.

The truth is this: Most managers lack the basic skills to recognize their teams effectively, meaningfully and appropriately.

Based on the data from their New York Times bestselling book All In: How the Best Managers Create a Culture of Belief and Drive Big Results, the authors of The Carrot Principle Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton have developed the definitive course on educating executives, leaders and managers on how to provide effective day-to-day and formal recognition.

This workshop is expertly designed with thought-provoking discussions, exercises, role plays, and action planning to provide managers the critical tools they need to provide individualized recognition within their teams—helping organizations increase engagement, productivity, retention and customer satisfaction.

Workshop Objectives: Leaders will leave ALL IN® Recognition Training with skills that will enable them to create a “Culture of Recognition” in their teams. They will learn:

  • Why Recognition is the primary driver of employee engagement and the messenger of greater trust, accountability and communication.
  • How to Recognize in meaningful low-cost, no-cost ways that reinforce behaviors they wish to see repeated.
  • Do It Now – Recognition doesn’t keep. The closer recognition is to the desired performance, the stronger the connection to the behavior.
  • Do It Often – Establish a pattern of positive recognition and accountability in your team to turn your current workplace into a vibrant “Culture of Recognition.”
  • Be Specific – Recognition in alignment with your Core Values encourages the performance you want to see repeated within your organization.
  • Be Sincere – Avoid meaningless or misguided recognition by sincerely recognizing only those behaviors you truly value.
  • How to Present Awards – Using the power of the STEP method, leaders will learn how to create formal recognition ceremonies that celebrate individual achievements that will be cherished for years to come.

Training Length: Half or Full Day

Includes: A half or full-day customized training session conducted by one of our Culture Works facilitators. Materials include the New York Times bestselling book All In, the ALL IN® Recognition Training Participant Workbook including Leadership Recognition and Action Plan Tools and Thank You Cards.

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Certify Your Trainers

Certify your network of internal trainers to present the ALL IN® Recognition Training workshops in your organization. Trainees will attend an onsite, two-day workshop to learn:

  • The research behind recognition best practices
  • How to integrate key cultural and business strategies into the material
  • How to help managers introduce low-cost, no-cost recognition in their teams
  • How to present the training material with skill, confidence and energy
  • How to facilitate the large and small group exercises
  • How to help participants complete their personal Action Plans

All participants will have the opportunity to teach-back and receive feedback from a Culture Works facilitator and their peers.

Includes: Two days of certification facilitation on the ALL IN® Recognition Training plus a full set of facilitator and participant materials for each attendee. Also includes the licensing rights for certified trainers to train employees within your organization, using participant materials supplied by The Culture Works.

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