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To succeed as a manager, you need to get your people All In. Few things will have a bigger impact on your performance than getting your people to buy into your ideas and your cause and to believe what they do matters.

All In Book by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton

All In Culture Training

Based on a global 300,000-person research study of high-performance managers, the one-day All In Culture Training teaches leaders how to develop a culture road map that enables managers to build a profitable, winning work-group culture of their own, where employees give that extra push of effort that leads to outstanding results.


What Does All In Culture Training Teach?
Leaders will build specific Action Plans for their teams from All In’s 7-step leadership and culture road map:

  • Define a burning platform
  • Create a customer focus
  • Develop agility
  • Share everything
  • Partner with your talent
  • Root for each other
  • Establish clear accountability
All In Training Model

Expected Results

Leaders will learn how facilitate working sessions that enable organizations to:

  • Create a strategic plan that builds a culture of belief in their teams
  • Enhance engagement, enablement and energy levels
  • Achieve greater business results

Course Details

Designed for supervisors, managers, and executives of all levels who want to create a unifying team culture and inspire a new level of commitment and performance in their work groups.

All In Culture Training participant materials include:

  • New York Times bestselling book All In: How the Best 
Managers Create a Culture of Belief and Drive Big Results
  • Participant Workbook
  • Worksheet Checklist
  • Action Plan Cards
  • Thank You Cards
All In Training Toolkit

“The feedback was outstanding. Everyone is talking about being ‘all-in.’ We now have some highly motivated leaders.”

Mark Beck CEO, Jeld-Wen

Ways Your Organization Can Get “All In”

Trainer Certification

Individuals or trainers from your organization certify to lead the working session within your company. Both virtual and classroom certification options are available.

Onsite Training

One of our experts leads a deep-dive culture planning session at a location you specify and can certify trainers onsite as well.

Keynote Speeches

Leverage our extensive research and more than two decades of experience into sustainable, deliberate, vibrant, scalable, and profitable culture for your company.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

New Study Illustrates the “How to” in Building High-Performance Cultures
  • Culture Emerges as a strategic defferentiator in high-performance organizations.
  • Breakthrough data of 300,000 working adults illustrates employee engagement alone isn’t enough to drive sustainable results.
  • Research identifies 3 characteristics of the World’s Most Profitable Workplace cultures. 7 steps managers use to develop winning cultures in their teams.

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