Gratitude Leader Lab

Leading with gratitude isn’t just about being nice, it’s about being smart, really smart.

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Great work by engaging the hearts and minds of your people.


Your leadership credibility and change your mindset on the power of gratitude.


Employees they are valued and appreciated for the work they do everyday.

 Gratitude is an Essential Leadership Skill

New York Times bestselling authors Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick talk about why gratitude is the key element in making a good leader a great leader.

What is the Gratitude Leader Lab?

This intensive 1-day classroom course for leaders will teach participants how to change their behavior by conducting 8 leadership experiments to see which ideas will work best in their team or culture.

Hands-on exercises are supplemented with research, case studies, and practical advice from many wildly successful CEOs such as Alan Mulally of Ford, Ken Chenault of American Express, and Hubert Joly of Best Buy.

1-Day Participant Toolkit Includes:

  • Leading with Gratitude Book
  • Gratitude Leader Lab Participant Workbook
  • Gratitude Leader Lab Experiment Card
  • Thank You Note
  • Motivators Assessment
  • Gratitude Leader Lab Socks

Implementation Options

Become a Trainer

Get certified to deliver the Gratitude Leader Lab in your organization or bring in one of our trainers onsite to your location..

Keynote Speech

Learn from our New York Times bestselling authors, academics, and training-industry veterans.

Program Overview

“A profound method to inspire people to rally to your cause and achieve outstanding long-term results. Jampacked with ideas and tips to engage the people in your care.”

Lance TrenaryPresident & CEO, Golden Corral Corporation

Teach Your People How to Lead with Gratitude.