How to Thank Your Employees at the Holidays

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The holiday season is upon us—a time when gift-giving, parties, and well-wishes can warm the hearts of even the Scroogiest of leaders. Although many of us understand the need to show gratitude at this time of year, the following suggestions might help make our team’s yuletide a little merrier.

1. A Gift is a Gift.

Holiday gifts are great way to recognize your people for their hard work all year long, but they should not be mistaken with performance awards or bonuses. The true message of a holiday gift is that everyone in the organization is critical to the organization’s collective success, which is why smart leaders give everyone the same gift (or the same selection of gifts). Bonuses are where we differentiate employees based on their specific contributions.

2. Make the Company’s Gift Yours.

With that said, if your organization does give out a holiday gift—a fruit basket, turkey, gift card, or cash—pick the items up and deliver them to your people yourself. As you make the rounds with the gifts, spend a little time with each person and express sincere gratitude for specific contributions.

3. Use Your Words.

 If gifts are not allowed in your organization, then you can still offer a sincere, written thank-you in a holiday card. Be sure all your holiday messages are specific to each person, positive and thankful (and in a card with a printed message that is generic enough so no one will take offense). The ultimate goal of your written comments are to make each employee feel valued and appreciated. After all, they are the ones who have been wowing your customers every day.

4. Picture This.

A great way to wrap up the year—and remind everyone of the accomplishments and fun of 2019—is to create your own team social media page of memories. Post photos from events like award presentations, outings as a team, weddings, births, and any community involvement. We all love to see ourselves in photos; and sharing images like these helps build camaraderie and morale.

5. Prep for 2020.

As the new year approaches it’s a good time to create a recognition calendar. Make sure all important dates are adding into your phone or other calendar—birthdays, service anniversaries, company milestones, anticipated project launches, and so on. Any potential excuse to celebrate and recognize your team should be added.

This season can be a time of additional stress for employees, so help them by cheering on their great work. This is the perfect time to show your sincere gratitude for the help you receive all year.

We’d love to hear how you’re helping and thank your employees this holiday season. Leave a comment.

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