Motivators Certified Coach

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Help leaders and employees understand their core motivational drivers at work using the scientifically developed Motivators Assessment™.

The Missing Tool In Your Coaching Kit

Based on key exercises from What Motivates Me Engagement Training, this 90-minute virtual certification will give coaches ability to administer the Motivators Assessment, create motivational team reports, and develop leaders.

Career Development

Coach individuals to ‘sculpt’ their jobs, enhancing engagement, job satisfaction, and career development.

Team Development

Enable leaders and their employees to better understand the motivational synergies, cautions, and diversities that might be holding their teams back.


Coach managers how to hold regular meaningful ‘aspirational conversations’ with their direct reports.

About the Motivators Assessment

  • 100 validated questions to understand core Motivators
  • A complement to strengths & personality tests, the Motivators Assessment is the only scientifically developed way to tap into a person’s passions at work—what they love to do
  • Built by a team of psychologists, including the authors of Emotional Intelligence 2.0
  • Used by more than 75% of the Fortune 500
  • Taken by more than 50,000 working adults

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Becoming a Motivators Certified Coach helped me expand my coaching business, open new doors, and add additional revenue streams. It fit seamlessly with the other assessments and coaching programs I was already using.

Steven E. LozadaPartner & Executive Coachat Upward Mindset

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