What Motivates Me Engagement Online Training

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Includes The Motivators Assessment

While most leaders know their true competitive advantage comes from their people, few managers know how to get their teams performing at full productivity, move the needle on employee engagement, or help their teammates truly root for each other.

What Motivates Me Engagement Training teaches skills for enhancing:

  • Engagement: Understand each employee’s productivity drivers and utilize them to enhance engagement, innovation, and growth
  • Alignment: Connect every employee’s work with the organization’s vision & strategy
  • Relationships: Build team unity by understanding each others’ synergies, cautions and diversities
  • Career Development: Hold meaningful aspirational conversations to help employees build career paths and learn & grow


The online, self-paced version of What Motivates Me Training contains two modules:

Individual (Duration: 1-2 hours)

  • Learn how to sculpt your own job by blending your Motivators and Identities.
  • Create an empowered Action Plan that will sustain your efforts to work in greater alignment with your passions.

Team/Manager (Duration: 1-2 hours)

  • For those who manage people or projects, this course will help empower you and your people to greater success.
  • Learn how to act on your team’s Motivator Profiles to unleash drive, and increase productivity, alignment, and satisfaction.
  • Enhance accountability by helping team members create sustainable Action Plans.

5 reviews for What Motivates Me Engagement Online Training

  1. Kyle Jordan

    Just what our team needed. This training has shed some major light on how to increase motivation, engagement and productivity…and it’s working!

  2. Madison Buttars

    This training has been ideal for our organization. LOVE the online offering. With satellite offices all over the US and employees that travel and work remotely, we were able to get everyone trained in a timely manner without depleting our budget. The training was simple and applicable. Instead of feeling overwhelmed like I have after other courses, I felt motivated. One of my top motivators is developing others. I actually feel like I have the tools to succeed in building and engaging my team going forward.

  3. Ella K

    One of the better online/self-led trainings I’ve done. Extensive use of video from the authors keep it light and break up the pace, while the exercises get to the point of the Motivators Assessment and how to use it at work. Co-workers and remote workers have taken it as well and it’s given us lots to talk about at work. Two thumbs up.

  4. Leslie Stewart

    Fun and engaging course. It kept my attention and was super useful. I wanted to go through it first before I left a review and what I’ve learned has been incorporated into many aspects of my role here at Amazon. Great training, happy my manager had me do it!

  5. Dexter Johnson

    Great training and I was able to put these skills to use immediately. I recommend!

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