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The Motivators Assessment – Individual Version


Product Description

The Motivators Assessment is the world’s most extensive and scientific assessment to help individuals identify their unique blend of core motivators, enabling them to align their passions with more of what they love at work and less of what frustrates them.

Created from the results of workplace surveys with more than 850,000 people The Motivators Assessment comprises 23 workplace motivators and 5 clusters of motivators, known as identities. In addition to helping individuals discover their motivators, it also helps managers and leaders better understand the diverse blend of diverse identities within their teams.

The Motivators Assessment includes:

  • 100 scientifically validated questions.
  • Easy to use, web-based assessment takes only 20 minutes to complete.
  • Personalized online profile is print-ready and
    includes social sharing tools.
  • Engaging e-learning lessons will help you
    “Put Your Passions to Work
  • Increased accountability with built-in Action Plans.


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