The Motivators Assessment – Individual Version

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Product Description

The Motivators Assessment is the world’s most extensive and scientific assessment to help individuals identify their unique blend of core motivators, enabling them to align their passions with more of what they love at work and less of what frustrates them.

Created from the results of workplace surveys with more than 850,000 people The Motivators Assessment comprises 23 workplace motivators and 5 clusters of motivators, known as identities. In addition to helping individuals discover their motivators, it also helps managers and leaders better understand the diverse blend of diverse identities within their teams.

The Motivators Assessment includes:

  • 100 scientifically validated questions.
  • Easy to use, web-based assessment takes only 20 minutes to complete.
  • Personalized online profile is print-ready and
    includes social sharing tools.
  • Engaging e-learning lessons will help you
    “Put Your Passions to Work
  • Increased accountability with built-in Action Plans.

6 reviews for The Motivators Assessment – Individual Version

  1. 5 out of 5


    The Motivators Assessment has been absolutely eye-opening for our organization. This was the first assessment that helped us uncover the elements each of us needs to have present in order to become more engaged in our work. Discovering our motivators and identities has allowed us to establish a baseline for measuring engagement.

    Now, instead of assigning projects and tasks to people just because we know they’ll do a good job (we do that too), but we’re able to align things based on what people love to do. And that’s where engagement happens. It’s become a language that many of our teams use when interacting with one another.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Love the Motivators Assessment! This tool has given me insight to my team and how to engage them more than any other assessment we’ve used within our company—and believe me, we’ve used almost all of them out there!

  3. 5 out of 5


    What I most appreciate about The Motivators’ Assessment is that it looks at what drives us (internal) versus how we act in the worlds/our personalities (external). Most assessments I’ve used help us to uncover our external way of being in the world. While this information is helpful, I find that the information uncovered through the Motivators’ Assessment goes a level deeper. It helps us understand *why* we do the things we do. It’s a great tool to create greater understanding within ourselves, as well as within teams and organizations. Owning a company focused on leadership and people development, I’ve used and studied many assessments over the years, and The Motivators Assessment has quickly become my favorite due to its impact.

  4. 5 out of 5


    At the risk of assessment fatigue, we tried this one after having used several others. We had the best response by far over the strengths and personality assessments previously used. If you don’t know what motivates and engages your employees, you should really find out, and this is the way to do it. Glad we made the decision to use the Motivators Assessment.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I’m in a leadership role as the Director of Quality Performance & Improvement for a health care provider, and I am certified in other training’s around effective communication because communication is essential for successful teamwork. I found that the Motivators Assessment was the perfect tool that allowed us to better understand and engage our employees and created a more effective way of communicating. The Motivators Assessment is my favorite tool because it is easy to implement and highly effective. It should be a precursor to any other training.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Out of all of the assessments I have taken, this one captured information I have never seen before. I was shocked at how spot on it was about me. I am excited to have the rest of my team take it and just learned today that our results can be compiled into a team report. I really think this is going to help us move the needle on employee engagement going forward!

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