Motivators Certified Coach


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During this 2-hour virtual session, you will join coaches from around the world to become a Certified Motivators Assessment Coach™.

As a Certified Coach, you will be able to:

  • Help leaders and employees understand their core motivational drivers at work using the scientifically developed Motivators Assessment™
    • Built by a team of psychologists, including the authors of Emotional Intelligence 2.0
    • Taken by more than 50,000 working adults
    • Used by a majority of the Fortune 500
  • Help those you coach ‘sculpt’ their jobs
    • Enhance engagement, job satisfaction, and plan their career development
  • Create Team Motivator Profile Reports™ for managers
    • Enable leaders and their employees better understand the motivational synergies, cautions and diversities that might be holding their teams back
  • Teach those you coach how to hold meaningful ‘aspirational conversations’ with their direct reports
    • Enhance career development for employees
    • Have tough conversations about performance, goals, and future direction 

About the Motivators Assessment™

  • 100 validated questions to understand core motivators
  • A complement to strengths & personality tests, the Motivators Assessment is the only scientifically developed way to tap into a person’s passions at work—what they love to do
  • Web-based; takes only 15 minutes to complete
  • Personalized online profile is print-ready and includes social sharing tools
  • E-learning lessons help participants create Action Plans


Earning this prestigious certification begins by completing your own Motivators Assessment (sent in advance).

Then, following the certification event, you will pass a simple online test of the material presented and you’ll be a Certified Motivators Assessment Coach!

Questions? Contact: [email protected]