The Motivators Assessment

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The Motivators Assessment is the world’s most extensive and scientific assessment to help individuals identify their unique blend of core motivators, enabling them to align their passions with more of what they love at work and less of what frustrates them.



Created from the results of workplace surveys with more than 850,000 people The Motivators Assessment comprises 23 workplace motivators and 5 clusters of motivators, known as identities. In addition to helping individuals discover their motivators, it also helps managers and leaders better understand the diverse blend of identities within their teams.

The Motivators Assessment includes:

  • 100 scientifically validated questions.
  • Easy to use, web-based assessment takes only 20 minutes to complete.
  • The personalized online profile is print-ready and
    includes social sharing tools.
  • Engaging e-learning lessons will help you
    “Put Your Passions to Work
  • Increased accountability with built-in Action Plans.
After purchasing this product, you will receive your unique codes. Once you have those codes, head to to take the assessment.

268 reviews for The Motivators Assessment

  1. Mike Reshke

    I’ve taken a ton of assessments and this one, far and away, identifies what actually gets someone excited and engaged about doing what they are doing. Great to know your personality. Great to know what you’re good at, but neither of those always generate engagement and enjoyment! If you want to know how to engage people, it’s simple–learn what motivates them then feed those motivators.

  2. Jennifer Shaw

    Insightful assessment. Very helpful for my team. Team report was fantastic, too.

  3. Dave Stevens

    I was a little skeptical when I first heard about the Motivators Assessment. And when I took it, I was surprised by a couple of my top motivators. But after reviewing the report and explanation, I realized some valuable things about what motivates me that I will be able to use in what I do every day at work to feel more engaged and productive.

  4. Holly Monson

    After taking the assessment and seeing how accurate it was for me, I had my team take it to get better insight into what motivates each of them. With our results, we have been able to better align work and responsibilities to the team member having that top motivator. We have seen a dramatic increase in team engagement and productivity.

  5. Casey Murphey

    Really like this test. I’ve done most of the other standard assessments for work, like Meyers Briggs, Disc, Strengths Finder etc. and this one adds another more personal? perspective. Pretty much nailed who I am and what I need from my job. I recommend it mostly for work, but my wife took it too and it nailed empathy for both of us. The test proved what I always said: that empathy is important to me but not to her. HA.

  6. B Payne

    This allowed us to see trends on our team and realize that different parts of our team were motivated differently. For example, our support team was motivated differently but most shared Impact. That lets us see that it’s important to keep the support team in the loop and show them how they are making a difference.

  7. Tom Vislisel

    Great resource!

  8. Becky J.

    My manager and I really enjoyed taking this assessment to learn more about what motivates both of us to do our best work.

  9. Gabriel Charbonneau

    Highly insightful. In the world we live in motivation is everything!! Having a deeper understanding of my own core motivators has been a game changer for me. I wish everyone on the planet would take this assessment. I think we’d all be better for it!

  10. Franciso Zapata-Reyes

    It was great and easy to be able to find out what really motivated me in the workplace. I work at a non profit so i would think that maybe what motivates me in the daily every day life carried over. I was surprised that to learn what least motivated me. Now i get to use it and identify priorities of tasks and areas to strive to improve.

  11. Nate Clayberg

    It has been an amazing personal experience to discover what truly motivates me. I came across the book over a year ago and my journey with this program began and I love sharing it with so many people. From businesses, to high school and college students and my family. I highly recommend exploring this product.

  12. Amy Robinson

    One of the best approaches to getting people focused on what makes them shine and be happy. I have used this book for myself because it totally nailed both who I am and who I am not. Seeing in writing what doesn’t motivate me in the least has totally reduced my anxiety. I now delegate those projects to others who I know will enjoy them and exceed every time! I’ve recommended the book and test to many of my friends and their experience is consistent with mine. This book packs a big punch and delivers a tremendous amount of value in what is really a very short (and good) read.

  13. Justin

    Great tool for driving team engagement and fostering understanding from each other on my team. Highly recommend.

  14. Tyler

    I really enjoyed the test and the helpful and elucidating discussions that it provoked with my co-workers. We’ve done several of these tests, and I found the structure and break down of this test really helpful. It also revealed more nuance than most tests.

  15. Justin Marcello

    Great tool for driving team engagement and fostering understanding from each other on my team. Highly recommend.

  16. Stephanie Roseman

    This assessment was so insightful! It really helped me to better understand my drivers and to seek out positions that suit me best.

  17. Callye Cleverly

    The motivators assessment is the best thing I could’ve done for myself. It is always so helpful to refer to when I need to re-energize myself for feeling down about myself or my role in my organization. It works and it’s a great tool.

  18. Jernej

    I love this assessment as it gave me a very different aspects of my motivators as I thought before. It is a must for those seeking for deeper understanding of what motivates them to reach their highest goals!

  19. Tony Vanden Heuvel

    The opportunity to have Chester work with our team and then utilize the Motivators assessment tool has been invaluable. I would highly recommend this assessment tool as a great way to better understand yourself and those you work with.

  20. Kyla

    I found the Motivators Assessment to be highly accurate and thought provoking. The report is thorough and full of great suggestions for identifying potential blindspots and pitfalls. Great assessment. I highly recommend it.

  21. rgwalker

    This is the first assessment that I have ever taken that provides meaningful and practical results. After completing this assessment i feel like I actually have a solid basis for the future direction of both my professional career and personal life. I recommend this to everyone.

  22. Jared Doerr

    I have managed multiple teams in my current position and I get this for EVERY member of my team. Every member of my team has a copy of this book and does this assessment almost as soon as they join my team. It doesn’t stop them from having to do some of the less enjoyable work that everyone has to do but I can use it to help find the things they enjoy doing and move as much of that work to them as possible. This makes some of the less enjoyable work more tolerable. This really improves morale and gives people the understanding that I care about the enjoyment of their work. As a manager I find this an indispensable tool.

  23. Melissa Gift

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Motivators Assessment. I’ve had the opportunity to take several types of personality assessments in the past, but this one was a little bit different and I believe I got more out of it. It was right on the money, but made me think more. I was thrilled to hear I could have my fiancé take it as well.

  24. Shoshana

    I took this assessment about one year ago and it gave me a lot of valuable insights into my own choices both in my professional and personal life. I have been able to better advocate for roles and responsibilities in my job that align with my motivators which has enabled me to perform better and avoid feeling burned out.

  25. Tat

    I really enjoyed this test. It really helped me understand my working personality a lot. I see myself doing things much different.

  26. Chelsea

    This assessment allowed me to understand some motivators I wouldn’t have self recognized or reported, but once identified I had an AHHA moment. Equipped with information regarding pressure being such a motivator, I have been able to transform how I structure my work to keep me engaged in my work. When I find myself in a lull, its often because I have gotten away from structuring my work like this. In addition, I have done the same with life with my children and family. Finally, I gathered this information for my team and facilitated a discussion with them on our findings. I realized how I was operating was likely not very exciting or motivator for some team members, thus I was able to structure my approach differently to engage with each. Lastly, I used the information about my team to assign varies tasks – for instance, I gave my care giver team outing tasks at meetings.

  27. Amanda Ostoich

    The Motivators Assessment is awesome! I love Strength Finder, and was surprised how much I used my Motivators results in my career decisions since completing it. I can better devote my time to projects I know will motivate me.

  28. Micheal

    After many years in leadership, and having completed many assessments, I am really impressed with the Motivators Assessment as a complete tool, for aligning passions, interests and character in the workplace. I have also completed the What Motivates Me Engagement Online Training and would recommend the package for improving the culture and engagement for employees and teams. It is the first ‘full meal deal’ that I have encountered.

  29. Lauren F

    I got great value out of this assessment. It was so in depth and I’ve been able to reference the PDF output for years since taking the initial assessment. It’s helped me bridge conversations with many at my workplace on how to best utilize and encourage my unique skills… and also enabled me to learn a great deal about others.

  30. F. Hoffman

    What Motivates Me assessment was spot on for me. I liked how it put categories in 3 buckets (strong, moderate, and neutral) for easy grouping. An individual can use this assessment to seek out new/different aspects of current job as well future positions that match their strong categories. A nice tool for personal or supervisory use.

  31. sam

    This assessment has shaped how I interact with my team and even with my wife. The test is drastically different from the tests I have taken in the past.

  32. Katie

    This assessment was a wonderful way to learn about myself and how I can be a part of a great team. I took it a few years ago and still use the information to help me in my various positions I’ve held since.

  33. Holly D

    I took the motivator’s assessment when I was going through a transitional period professionally and it helped open my eyes to what I value in a working environment. It helped me realize what I should work on eliminating from my day to day activities and what I need to begin working towards. I loved this test, and hope it provides clarity for everyone as it did for me!

  34. Shareefah Sabur

    I have taken multiple assessments over the years and will continue to do so. This assessment inspired me to do more self reflection and determine what work would be most meaningful to me and how I could gain more alignment in my life activities. What was equally helpful for me was to see which motivators were not at play in a significant way and how that is affecting how I show up. I can definitely see the advantages of using this as a lens for building high performance, self-directed teams and I intend to move in the direction of using the information for that purpose.

  35. danny nelson

    the test provides unexpected insight and helps to clarify motives in order to set compelling goals rather than just the obvious goals that don’t really motivate me

  36. Faith Stephenson

    This is a fantastic tool which is different from the standard ones used by our department. It helps figure out what is the individual’s motivating factors regardless of age or experience. I have had my work team as well as family members complete the assessment to their and my benefit.

  37. Shari Phillips

    Loved this. It was very helpful to go through the questions to help identify the key motivators for me! Very applicable to use at work, and I can also see application in other areas like home, church, family, etc. I’ve taken other assessment tools (personality/temperment) in the past but this one added different dimension. It was a great experience.

  38. Shona Dickie

    Our team used the Motivators Assessment tool through The Culture Works to help us connect better as a team, and understand each others motivators. It was so helpful and everyone on the team really appreciated the assessment results. This has been one of my favorite workplace tools to date! It seems very accurate and it covers a very important topic – motivation! I use it regularly to help me understand and support our team – I often suggest it as a tool to other work groups as well.

  39. Kevin Hess

    The Motivators Assessment was the most useful self-assessment that I have experienced. I have gone through a 360 along with Strengths Finder, and the Motivators Assessment was most helpful in providing something tangible to understand how I can relate as a team member in my organization.

  40. Tina Gonterman

    This was a very simple and easy process. A few questions were not clear, otherwise I recommend it. In fact, I am looking into whether this assessment, along with the other training tools, would be a good fit to incorporate into a team building exercise.

  41. Abdul

    This offered some high level insight and allowed me to put my self in better positions. I need to adapt to my strengths and I feel like this helped me do that.

  42. Steven Troutman

    Very accurate assessment. It also offers advice on how to use your motivators to exceed at work.

  43. Stephanie Podmore

    Very insightful! I really enjoyed comparing results with my coworkers.

  44. Lorena Mitchell

    I really love this assessment and now I am reading through the book to get a more in-depth take on my motivators. I feel like more companies, organizations and corporations should implement assessments like this to get better performance from their employees and for employees to understand their true value in a team environment. It also helps to know how your fellow teammates tick and what really revs them up! Love this!!!

  45. Krista

    Much more than a personality assessment, this made the most sense in a direction of “What drives me?”. It shows me not only who I am, but what I need to improve my work. Seeing other results as well of my co-workers and team, I now have a better sense of communicating with them in the proper manner to motivate! Mala is amazing!

  46. Samantha Y

    Upon understanding each others’ motivational drivers, our team has grown in efficiency. Great product!

  47. BW

    An Insightful tool that provides managers with context to adapt to individual needs and open up blindspots, so that you become an even better leader.

  48. Sraboni Paul

    It was really comprehensive and helped me get a good idea of what my priorities were and what I was striving towards.

  49. West Willmore

    I was surprised at how accurate this assessment was. I’m really glad I took the time to take this assessment because the feedback sheds light on my decision making process. I feel that I’m more informed and better understand what motivates me, but also better understand how others can be motivated and how to approach them.

  50. Johanna Tovar

    I was first introduced to this assessment at a conference. I came back to the office and bought books and codes for my team of 7. We really enjoyed comparing our scores and learning more about our own motivators and each others.

  51. Keenyn Rucker

    More knowledge about oneself is always a plus. You can know where you’ve been and know where you want to go, but if you don’t know where you are now, you’re lost. This assessment gives you a way of knowing where you are and how you best go to new destinations.

  52. Burt Gravallese

    The Motivators Assessment is one of the best tools I have discovered to get at the bottom of improved performance. Understanding individual motivators goes a long way toward achieving this. This tool provides excellent insight on an entire team and we intend to highly promote it’s use within our organization.

  53. Mike Baldwin

    I had my team all take this assessment. It provided great value in terms of understanding each of their individual motivators. I was able to better align tasks and projects to provide them work that aligned with their motivation. Highly recommended

  54. Wendy Stuck

    Taking the motivator class was one of the best decisions I ever made. I can speak my mind now when it comes to my career and what makes me tick because I have proof now regarding the hows and whys of my success 🙂

  55. Kim Plante

    Loved the assessment! It was very quick and easy to complete. The results of the assessment were spot on as well as insightful. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in discovering more about themselves and how they interact with others.

  56. Samantha Guibord

    Thought the test was right on – much better than DISC or Myers Briggs. The results accounted for so many more aspects of ‘me’ than the others which helps me understand myself better and the reasons why I react to certain things more than others. Would love all my colleagues to take the test!

  57. Elle

    I took this assessment when I joined a new company, and I loved it! I am currently in my first job and it is very helpful to identify my specific motivators as well as other aspects of my personality that I wasn’t even aware of. It is very helpful to share this information with new managers and team members, and helps everyone (including me) to understand how I will produce my best work. Great assessment, I would gladly take it or something like it again!

  58. Jonathan Concidine

    The motivators assessment put into words things I’d always known about myself but had never been able to articulate. It helped me focus my college experience, helping me choose a major and seek job opportunities that would make me not just good at my job, but also excited to go to work. I highly recommend the Motivators Assessment!

  59. Kara

    I took this test via work and it was so interesting to see that everyone in our start-up had the same top motivators. It does a great job at explaining what the motivators mean FOR YOU and how you can utilize them. HIGHLY suggest this for anyone in any stage of life to help better understand themselves.

  60. Cody Bennett

    I appreciated the assessment. The PDF version is something I refer back to regularly. I found that it echoed some of my own internal awareness of my motivations, but it also rounded out the corners so that it was a more cohesive perspective of my motivators and identities. I strongly recommend this tool!

  61. Manal Chourafa

    I thought I know what motivated me, but just didn’t know what to do with it. This method is awesome to understand it in a pedagogical and meaningful way and DO something with it and SEE the RESULTS, in your daily life. It was a turning point for me.

  62. Mike Smith

    I’ve taken a bunch of these assessments. And usually they just give some nonsense like “you’re a purple star” or something like that that sounds nice in theory but has no practical application. The motivators assessment gave me a good sense of my strengths and where I should double down. Highly recommend!

  63. Laura Muhlestein

    excellent info to help improve self-awareness and self-improvement! also very helpful to share among team members on the job!

  64. Jeremy

    This is an enjoyable test, and it helped my boss realize that I was right, and I really DID know myself and what motivated me, so we were able to sculpt my job to one that I really liked versus one I wasn’t really passionate about.
    If you’re honest with yourself, the results won’t shock you. If you’re not, then you may be in for a surprise.

  65. L Floyd

    Enjoyed taking the assessment test and it was informative and was spot on with how I view things and what motivate me.

  66. Tina Brown

    Really enjoyed thinking about what motivated and found the results insightful.

  67. Sam

    Took this assessment as part of an Organizational Behavior class. Thoroughly enjoyed taking the assessment and found its results insightful. Better than your typical survey.

  68. Manuel López Romo

    I am familiar with some recruiting and carreer developing assesments, but this one gives you a more complete perspective of what really motivates you and how you can use that to your advantage.

  69. Russell Virgin

    I have used this product with my staff to assess their motivators and then sculpt their job descriptions and have found it very helpful. We have done it for everyone on our team and use the information to assign responsibilities. It has also been a great addition to our professional development plan. Great product!

  70. Neil Johnson

    This is an well written publication, which was extremely helpful in my studies into motivation. The survey in particular targeted a number of carefully selected factors, and would be good thing for a manager to issue to a team of work colleagues due to its specific focus on the individual. For the purchase price (which is very reasonable in my opinion), there is a lot of value therein.

  71. Trish Williams

    I’ve had (and am still having) a long and varied career arc. Although I’m seriously self reflective, sometimes I’ve confused what I’m good at doing with what I LOVE doing, and the latter has changed over the course of my career. As I was thinking ahead and planning a professional transition two years ago I took the Motivators Assessment and it nailed me: thinker, achiever, builder. “Builder” was the new insight that is fueling what I want to do next in my life and my work. I highly recommend the motivators assessment.

  72. Terry Curry

    Have taken a lot of assessments over the years and this assessment really is a good indicator of what motivates me in my job. Have had many of my team also take the assessment and find that it helps me work with them better knowing what their motivators are. Would recommend this assessment for anyone in a leadership role.

  73. Sean Whittemore

    This assessment tool is really good. Definitely useful to me and I’m sure it would be for others as well. It’s more personal than some of the other assessment tools I’ve seen previously.

  74. Alison Levey

    I have done many of these assessments, most recently DISC, but found this to be one of the most accurate and insightful in terms of what I value/need in my work environment. Gathering the individual motivators into Identities provides another unique perspective and helped me understand why certain aspects of my job consistently prove challenging for me. The very practical suggestions to enhance your value and accomplish more and address blind spots really helped me make small modifications with maximum impact.

  75. Robert Majors

    I have taken personality, aptitude and strengths based tests in past. There was always something missing. My dreams, motivations, passions were never addressed. The Motivators assessment was energizing and engaging. It spoke to me as an individual and gave me permission, in a sense, to be myself.

  76. Brenda Kirby

    This was fun and really hit the mark. The assessment gave me great tools for talking with my manager and I was able to take what I learned about myself, and sculpt my job into an even better one! The list of motivators was insightful but the list of items that weren’t strong motivators was eye opening. We plan on having our whole team take this assessment now.

  77. Sheila Nash

    I took this assessment when I was at a crossroads in my career, I found it very accurate and insightful. I have subsequently recommended the assessment to clients, colleagues and friends.

  78. Sean Keddy

    A very useful assessment tool.
    Personally recommend using this tool, and have run multiple workshops across my teams using this assessment.

  79. Rodger G

    This was a wonderful opportunity to step back and have a third party identify what my personal motivators are. Furthermore, for me to provide this information to my colleagues was the basis for more productive, and efficient, collaboration. Upon completing the assessment, be sure to go with your ‘gut feeling’ and answer as honestly and objectively as you can to get the most out of the assessment. Promptly follow up with guided sessions, or reading the book.

  80. Carol Sage-Silverstein

    I feel that the assessment is right on target and is quite compatible to others I’ve taken. Although I am close to retirement, it will help me in my “second act”.

  81. Lynn A Whipple

    I’ve taken countless instruments. Some focused on personality, some on strengths, some on talents but only a very select few which look at core motivation – the engine for many of the other levels of a person. The Motivators Assessment gets to that central level of understanding in a great way. I especially like the focus on job sculpting to apply the motivational understanding. Also, a great group of people who support and work with me at further implementation.

  82. Julie McLemore

    I was led to What Motivates Me through my work. It has been life changing as I’ve learned more about myself and who I am and also more about my husband. It has helped our marriage and our relationships with others. Highly recommend!

  83. Lori Raggio

    I have used the What Motivates Me Assessment to better align work among my direct reports which resulted in increased productivity and engagement. I have also used the assessment with a department within an organization as a precursor to initiating a job ladder so as to best align employee’s skills and talents with various job tasks. Recently I have offered the assessment to individuals who I am coaching to help them understand their top motivators and to consider opportunities to best align their work and to initiate a conversation with their manager about tweaking their job duties to elevate their productivity and engagement. This assessment is a powerful tool to help any level of employee to gain insight into their motivators and the individualized report is very robust.

  84. Geralyn Cappelli

    I have taken the assessment and have found the results to be fully aligned with my interests. I have also asked my colleagues to participate. They too have very much enjoyed using the tool and more importantly seeing their results – which they thought were extremely accurate. In fact I am planning an in house manager training session in mid-April 2018. I am confident the class with being very enjoyable.

  85. Jenny Evans

    I was blown away by how detailed and accurate the assessment was. I’ve gained a ton of new insights into how my team and I operate, and I’ve been able to shift my job duties around to align with what motivates me. Work feels more meaningful now.

  86. Dana Buchman

    I’ve taken a lot of personality and strengths tests… this is one I find myself coming back to over and over again. I find it really insightful and helpful.

  87. Gabriel

    Motivators has help my team be able to align and assign task to the best suited members.

  88. Tomia Taylor

    This information provided from the assessment was very enlightening. It was very interesting to find out exactly what my motivations were. Some of which I already knew but had never put words to. Having this information gives me a noticeable advantage in my decision making processes and determining which option is the best choice for my success. I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to fine tune their existing skill set to optimize their potential.

  89. Kerynn

    I really enjoyed taking this test and learning how to use what motivates me at work, additionally I love getting the monthly emails with tips. I often share these tips with my peers and manager. This is worth the money and if you are a individual motivated by money the information that you learn will only help meet your milestone goals to get that next bonus!

  90. Barbara

    Pretty accurate test on what motivates us. I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in having a bit more clarity on their drivers and how to leverage them in any setting.

  91. DJ Schafer

    This was the first assessment I have participated in and I really learned a lot. Our company decided to offer this to different teams so we could see where we had commonality and how we could best improve our team work based on those items. It is well worth the time to complete it.

  92. Sue Bottema

    Like many, I have taken dozens of assessments over the years but this one stands out. It was so accurate I have my “Top 10” list taped to my computer as a daily reminder. WMM honors us as unique individuals, and “the inside scoop” helps me to understand why I do what I do. Making those part of my daily work allows me to self-motivate and maximize my contribution to the organization.

  93. Connie

    No matter what stage of your life or career, taking The Motivators Assessment will put things into perspective. Continual introspection and application lends better outcomes. Knowing what genuinely motivates you and engages you to do the things you do makes for solid footing to get others motivated and engaged.

  94. Natalie McNeil

    Very informative and thought provoking. Lots of insight on our team which helps us understand each other and work better together. I’ve referred back to my own assessment several times. I highly recommend anyone who works together – at work or at play – take the assessment to benefit from the perspective this test will provide.

  95. Margaret Johnson

    I was surprised that such a short easy test to take was so detailed and accurate in the results – I really loved delving into the motivation information and will definitely be using this with my executive/corporate coaching clients and in my public speaking – thanks!!

  96. Kim Erskine

    This test was extremely helpful when I was looking at what I wanted to do in the next part of my life. It helped me to hone in on what was important to me and what motivates me to do my best. I was looking to take a completely different path in my job search, and after taking this evaluation and evaluating the answers I realized I wasn’t in the wrong profession… I was just doing it at the wrong places and with the wrong type of people. Once I started to concentrate on finding the right fit, I found a great job in a new type of place. One that more aligns with my motivations.
    Thank you for helping me on the journey

  97. Kim Recker

    The assessment was very insightful and accurate. This is a nice addition to the other assessments I have taken in the past that identified my strengths and work style. This tool will be more helpful in setting better career goals because it focuses on what motivates me vs what my strengths are. Just because I’m good at something (a strength) doesn’t mean I like doing it. If you match the right motivator with the person you will get more out of the person because they will be happier, more loyal and, of course, more motivated.

  98. Vanessa

    I think is very important stop the rush of the day and use some time to evaluate yourself. It is very interesting to know waht motivates me and other in around me.

  99. Maria A

    I really enjoy learning more about myself and others through various tests and assessments. I was a different way for us to gain a different perspective on what motivates us and found it useful in my workplace with my team.

  100. Manish Dixit

    A must have tool for developing self-awareness! This assessment helps provide a window into the types of identities one has and also provides guidance on how to enhance your value and accomplish more. The report is detailed, yet format in a very reader-friendly way, and is a great companion to the book. Highly recommend it!

  101. Joseph Anderson

    It was really fascinating to discover more insight into what motivates me. As i read through each theme, my past experiences confirmed the validity of the assessment. Now I have begun to have conversations with my manager about how to craft my responsibilities around what motivates me. This has increased my engagement at work and also my unique contribution. I love the motivators assessment.

  102. Patricia Bouknight-Hamilton

    I have taken a number of personal assessments over the years, but this one is different. I gained recognition that there are no negative motivators. It’s just a matter of learning how to use them advantageously.

  103. Jennifer Jones

    I initially read What Motivates Me and took the Motivators Assessment when I was considering a major career change, and it solidified my decision to take a leap of faith toward a career which would bring more personal and professional fulfillment. I have shared the book with several people already, and I intend to use it with my life coaching clients!

  104. Wendy Dupree

    The Motivators Assessment was very helpful to me in gaining an understanding of why I respond to certain types of work and results in a very different way than others. I have been able to really use the outputs from this assessment to have great conversations with my manager and to restructure how I approach my role.

  105. Jonathan H.

    Fantastic test. Used with our teams across the region. It really brought our team of 25 professionals across five cities together understanding what motivates us to do our best at work. The test and results have allowed us to identify commonalities on how to better team and work together serving our clients.

  106. Wade

    I love trying to learn more about myself and what makes me tick. This is one of the few assessments that actually gave useful information about myself that I could use to get better in all areas of my life.

  107. Erica Perry

    I was simply blown away by this assessment. It was very insightful and accurate. This assessment helps me with being more self aware and how to best gauge my interactions with others.

  108. Julie Paterson

    Learning my own motivators was confirming. Learning my team’s motivators enlightening. Using the information to job sculpt for increased engagement – priceless.

  109. Merle Hellickson

    This assessment exceeded my expectations. I use assessments extensively in my consulting business and find this motivation assessment to be a very useful addition as it addresses personal characteristics that none of the others do. Plus, it’s easy, fun and priced reasonably. I recommend it to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of self, business associates and family members.

  110. staci thompson

    It was great learning about what motivates me. It has really helped me learn more about myself and what I can do to be more productive!

  111. Angela Lipscomb

    Very insightful. While I had an idea of what motivates me, the assessment reveal other key motivators which and I assess and learn from. Great tool for anyone.

  112. Robert Bird (verified owner)

    I am so glad for this assessment! I have taken many others, but none of them provided me with specific things I can do to feed my motivations. Thank you so much!!

  113. Marla

    The assessment was very enlightening. Some of the results I felt I knew about myself and some of them were more revealing. It’s a good source for college graduates new to the workforce.

  114. Marla

    The assessment was very enlightening. Some of the results I felt I knew about myself and some of them were more revealing. It’s a good source for college graduates new to the workforce.

  115. Josette

    Truly insightful. It’s nice to see what my greatest motivators are to better tailor my daily tasks to what I enjoy doing.

  116. Denise Truckenmiller

    I have found this assessment makes so much sense to participants and when attempting to break down silos within organizations. It allows teams to draw upon their mutual Identities and Motivators. In addition, it allows for insight into those “one off” Motivators so they, too, can be utilized to the betterment of the team.

  117. Gloria J. Miller

    We used this for a university business book club. The students loved it! It really spoke to all of us, students as well as professors. It is a book that can be used wherever you are in your life journey. It was much deeper and clearer than the ever popular personality quizzes. Loved the idea of job sculpting as well as differentiating skills from motivators. A must read!

  118. Gordon Hapke

    Very, very helpful. I was a little reluctant to be in an all day training until it got underway. It turned out to be right on. Very accurate and great insight about my team.

  119. Isabela

    This assessment helped me not only in my job managing workplace conflict, but also in my direct working relationships with my supervisor and team members. Understanding that some of their behaviors that I didn’t understand or bothered me were more about what motivates them was very valuable. It has also helped me better engage and influence others. Self-awareness is the foundation and this great tool is unlike others I’ve used.

  120. Madeline D

    I highly recommend this book. The assessments are accurate and align with personality and life’s purpose. If you would like to get to know yourself more or just confirm what you already know go for it!

  121. Len Homelvig

    I have taken many assessments over the years, but this one really pays for itself quickly by helping identify tangible ways to increase both personal and team performance.

  122. Shari Phillips

    This was a nice assessment tool and I appreciated the different way to look at me! I’ve used other assessments (personality/temperament) and the strengthsfinder which I really liked but this really added a different dimension. I can see other applications outside work such as at home, and with family, etc. Great perspective!

  123. Richard Moyers

    Profoundly useful understanding. I’ve explored several ‘typing’ of personalities, etc. This provided a useful examination of something more than personality, but of motivations and intentions. Having found a level of dissatisfaction at where I was, this new insight allowed a growth that reinvigorated, re-inspired, and re-committed my attentions.

  124. Terrell

    The Motivators Assessment helped to be excited about my career again!
    I have been in Direct Sales for 20 years and was feeling stuck and unable to get myself motivated. Taking this test pinpointed the best parts of my job and helped re-arrange some of my other responsibilities to alleviate some stress.

  125. Steph

    We did this assessment in a large group and I found it interesting to learn what my co-workers motivations were. It helped me understand them better in order to motivate them within the team.

  126. Kristi Arnold

    I found the assessment to be easy and very enlightening. I’m really interested to have my teenage son take it! I think this can be very useful for parents and people managers.

  127. Rebecca

    I really appreciated the results from the Motivators Assessment. I felt like they accurately identified my motivators and identities. Using the results helped me look more closely at what I can do to better sculpt my current job to become more fulfilling which helps me stay happy, engaged, and in flow. I would recommend this assessment to anyone!

  128. Julie

    The Motivators Assessment was a fantastic way to give me a clear understanding of how I “tick” and ways to optimize my effectiveness in my role. It also gave me a understanding that what motivates me may not motivate others, so I am able to use this knowledge to make sure that I pay closer attention to those around me and discover what their motivators are. This is a highly useful assessment in driving desired results so I encourage individuals and teams to take it.

  129. CJ Malatak

    So excited to explore what motivates me in the workplace and in life. The discussions with my managers about how we can use this information going forward are very rewarding.

  130. Michael Salazar

    This test was different and very enlightening. Would recommend to anyone seeking self-improvement. Really helps to uncover the why’s and provides new perspective and direction. Thanks!

  131. Kenneth Leow

    What I like about the Motivators’ Assessment is its versatility. Not only it can tell us what drives each of us, the power really lies when we compare the motivators’ rankings with our team-mates. It really opens up lots of insights of why some teams succeed while others fail.

  132. Bill Troyer

    Taking the Motivators Assessment brought a great amount of clarity and really confirmation to my life. It helped see new things but really helped to confirm what I suspected was already the things I enjoyed. I have recommended the book and the test to so many of my friends, colleges and family to take. I encourage you to take it and be encouraged!

  133. Jose Gonzalez Serna

    I took all the test I can. This is one of my favorites, because it gave me all the right values and drivers to do more, to be more efficient and proactive. 5 stars at least!!

  134. Kent White

    Truly a wonderful tool that we’ve used as a team to figure out how to better communicate with each other!

  135. Carla

    We used this assessment for our sales team and it was an excellent way to identify literally what motivates people and how we can use these assessment results to make our team even greater. I highly recommend this “motivators assessment!”

  136. Diana S Rumschlag

    This is an assessment that is really useful for a multitude of reasons. Knowing what motivates you, as well as your coworkers, is like unlocking a hidden door and finding out what everyone needs to understand how they are motivated, as well as how their coworkers get motivated. Highly recommend.

  137. Jack Lewis

    This was great! I had a very insightful review and look deeper into myself and motivations

  138. Eric Mayo

    I found the assessment to be easy and very enlightening. I’m really interested to have one of my family members take it!

  139. Derek Brandon

    A powerful tool for self-discovery and professional planning.

  140. Sherlyn

    It’s interesting to know what motivate you coorespond with how you behavior to your daily tasks. With deep understanding what motivate you certain way, you could choose the most appropriate way without doubting your choices.

  141. Theresa Takacs

    I found the assessment to be very accurate regarding what motivates me. I have taken many assessments and feel this is very practical and applicable to everyday life as well as professionally. I have already recommended this to several friends.

  142. Luis Bustamante

    I have been researching about motivation for several years in order to improve the engagement of the new generations, your book and the assessmente has been really useful , thank you

  143. Ben

    I found the Motivators Assessment to be a wonderful tool for explaining to me why I do what I do. I had never considered the benefits of learning more about my motivators until I found this test. It was easy to take and yet felt so accurate when it came to the results. A wonderful tool for classrooms and personal growth!

  144. Roger Funston

    For those of us who have taken numerous assessments over the years and know oyrselves pretty well, the Motivator results were not surprising but did organize and summarize in a useful manner and reinforced what I already knew. Always good to get some validation.

  145. Joe E.

    This book provided me insights into my own motivating values and priorities and also provided a framework by which to understand others. This has been extremely valuable.

  146. Maria M.

    This was a great team building tool. Each member of my team was able to take this assessment and we each shared our results. I gained great insights about the other members of my team and how I can best communicate with them to drive the best results.

  147. Phillip Perry

    The Motivators Assessment is a powerful tool that aids in self-discovery. With the knowledge & tactics provided, you can strengthen the process by which you hit important life goals. If you’re unsure of goal prioritization, this assessment can help too! Its method of estimating your driving purposes will help clarify which goals can lead to more fulfillment. Highly useful service that subsequently deserves a strong recommendation.

  148. Ivy Cheng

    I took the assessment in 2017 and figured it out it is really helpful for individual and team engagement and motivation. we plan to cascade it in our organization.

  149. Andrew Potter

    A fascinating tool that really helps you to manage your team effective.

  150. Alanna

    I was a bit skeptical about what value would come out of this assessment because I’m fairly insightful and know myself well. I was pleasantly surprised about how much I learned! There were many ah-ha moments for me as I read through my Motivators. I especially appreciated the sections that talked about how to use my motivators to help me thrive and how to watch out for blind spots. I suddenly realized why I was bothered by certain situations that I knew I shouldn’t be – there was disharmony between what motivates me and what was occurring. I would highly recommend this easy and practical read.

  151. Dayeb

    Simple but not overly time consuming to complete. Looking forward to having my team take to be able to coach to what motivates them (and consequently get peak performance). Will be interesting for these individuals to know each others’ motivators for enhanced team work.

  152. Sarah M

    I bought this book for my team and they thoroughly enjoyed the assessment and book which provided more detail. It led to some very valuable conversations for their own career development and it helped me as the manager better understand the different and unique drivers of motivation and manage accordingly. Highly recommend!

  153. Virendar

    The results from the Motivators Assessment appeared to me accurate and helped me in identifying my motivators and identities. The results help in understanding that what can be done better and how one can be more effective in one’s role. It also helps in understanding that motivators may change from person to person. This is a very useful assessment tool and should be tried by the professionals.

  154. Bobby

    Great tool to improve self-awareness and team engagement!

  155. Truong sina

    Gaining more insight and language around my motivators and values is so valuable and the Motivators Assessment provides this. It’s an insightful assessment with lots of information to unpack.

  156. Karen Heppner

    Motivators was a very helpful tool for our staff team. We gave it try and immediately it became one of the three we use on a continual basis. It is a great complement to the other two we use on our staff team. It was so helpful. It revealed traits that no other assessment had shown us. We will be using it again at our staff retreat this May for the 2 new staff members to fully integrate into our team. Thanks!

  157. Joy S.

    The Motivator Assessment is an effective tool for individuals to discover their motivators and identities. This discovery allows individuals to determine if their current position/career is aligned with their motivators and identities. If not, individuals can use these identifiers to adjust their current position/career (if possible) to become more effective or use these to find a new position/career that is more aligned with these identifiers. Taking the assessment personally gave me incredible insight into why I feel fulfilled in my current position and organization.

  158. Brendan

    Taken for a work course, individually helped somewhat but really shined when working with a team to understand others.

  159. Rebecca Lopez

    I have thoroughly enjoyed utilizing the Motivators Assessment tool in my work as a independent consultant. I have found it to be a powerful source of information for helping leadership and team members to see where they connect and disconnect. It has really brought some “a-ha” moments into team meetings! I would recommend this to anyone who is involved in leadership and team building work.

  160. Ally M

    This is an amazing tool that has allowed me to lead my team in areas that are important to them and have lead us to achieve amazing results. It is a great way to build culture and has allowed me to better engage and support my team!

  161. Melissa Lagodzinski

    What I like about the Motivator’s Assessment is that anyone, anywhere can administer it and get instant information about what motivates their team members. Anyone in a leadership role should take advantage of this tool to get to know their team better and determine how to best engage them and assign work duties. The old way of thinking that money is the only motivator doesn’t work anymore and this assessment helps anyone understand their team and how to motivate, engage and assign work.

  162. Crystal Klassen

    The Motivators Assessment helped me pinpoint why I do some of the things I do and how best to keep myself motivated. I use the results in carving out my career path and its various projects.

  163. Casey Jones

    A large group from our organization recently went through the “What Motivates Me – Engagement Training” using the Motivators Assessment tool. My colleagues and I found it not only interesting, but also empowering to be able to pinpoint what motivates us in the work place, then to utilize the various techniques and strategies to stay energized and engaged!

  164. Frank Shorestein

    I enjoyed the assessment and found value in it. I will be getting my wife to take it also so that in our joint-venture businesses, we can have a better comprehension of what is motivating one-another.

  165. Jeanne Moseley

    Extremely valuable tool!

  166. Michael Krovious

    Wow, how accurate in describing me. Seeing in in the format presented helps me to mindfully look at me actions. I would highly recommend

  167. Maria

    I have taken many development courses over the years, and this course was at the top! I gained a lot of useful insights into my own motivations and style and those of my team. This will really help to align roles and tasks to what really excites us about work – thank you!

  168. Robert

    Used hundreds of time for the following situations…

    I’ve run this on hundreds of people know to accomplish all of the following:

    Improve employee engagement
    Dramatically increase productivity
    Retain top talent
    Reduce turnover (actually saved someone’s job who was about to be fired)
    Boost job satisfaction

    Ask most people what motivates them, and they’ll often tell you stories in bits and pieces. Not very actionable.

    What I love is that this assessment gives people THE ACTUAL WORDS so they can identify what they’re after, and then we can get busy with helping them get it, while they deliver what we’re after.

    This is one of the most powerful tools I use in working with teams, and fills a gap that no other methodology or assessment had ever filled before.

  169. Jamie Vos

    This assessment was very useful in understanding what in my job I needed to change to feel more engaged. The process was great and I highly recommend it for anyone but especially those who feel disengaged in their career or are looking to pick a line of work.

  170. J. Browning

    I really enjoyed reviewing the results of the Motivators Assessment. It gave me some interesting insights.

  171. Kimberlie Warren

    After completing the Motivators assessment, as part of the What Motivates Me-Engagement Training, I compared my results to other assessments that I have taken. The results actually filled a gap among the others, giving me a more comprehensive view of “me”. I find the assessment useful and I am using it for developmental purposes with associates in my professional role.

  172. D. Sawyer

    The motivators assessment is great because it not only adds focus to what motivates you to succeed at work; it also brings clarity for more successful relationships in all areas. You’ll gain insight as to why you are more effective in some roles, and where your impact can be maximized.

  173. Michael B

    Taking this assement and knowing my motivators has assisted in helping me job sculpt my postion and becoming more engaged in my career.

  174. Ashley Stahl

    INCREDIBLE tool! I use this for all my career coaching clients and it is so key in me understanding them, and helping them understand themselves.

  175. Renae Lang

    Very interesting perspective and I agree with the findings of the assessment. Additionally, I enjoyed the book – – easy reading and very informative.

  176. Dwayne Simpson

    I was initially apprehensive about this instrument, having completed several in my career. The results of this one highlighted gaps in other instruments. I will definitely recommend this instrument to my peers and organization.

  177. Rob

    This is agreat assessment to take when this aren’t quite right at work, but you can’t quite figure out why…

  178. Tiffany Burton

    I have purchased about 7 copies of What Motivates Me over the years for various friends and colleagues. Nothing else that I know of clarifies the whole picture like this one. Colleagues that have used the information to decide which job to take, or a career move to make, have never looked back. Love it.

  179. Diane Krall

    My employer is in the process of re-organizing every department within 2 buildings and some of us have the opportunity to make lateral changes to new positions. This helped me determine if I was truly interested in applying for one of the new positions. Having decided to continue in my current position, I am now using the assessment to fine-tune my current position as much as possible to suit me within the goals of the organization. It may also help in the future if I need to interview a potential employee, or be interviewed myself.

  180. John Laurenzo

    The Motivators assessment gave me a great perspective of what motivates me. Not just my professional life but the personal and avocations that make up the whole person. This is an effective tool to help you develop a more holistic life-long plan.

  181. Sheila

    I really enjoyed reading this book! I feel like I will be a better leader because of it.

  182. Marco

    Great Assessment! Lot of inspirational points and brilliant report. Super -suggested!

  183. Betty Campell

    I’ve taken many assessments over they years, and although they often confirmed something I already knew about myself, I didn’t necessarily find the “insights” to be all that actionable. It was refreshing to take an entirely new assessment that revealed something new about me, to me… that is, what really gets me excited and motivated day-to-day. When my teenage daughters read my summary, they exclaimed “That is SO YOU Mom!” They were right! I would highly encourage you to grab a copy and see what you learn about yourself. It’s the best career related book I’ve read in many, many years.

  184. Hannah Danica

    I can say that it’s a good guide for a carreer oriented individual like me. It will let you know yourself more and understand what really motivates you. After reading and taking the assessment, I can’t stop sharing it to friends and colleagues. The results of the assessment totally describes me. This is the best self help book I have read, it’s worth the purchase.

  185. Epp Adler

    What motivates me is one of the best tests I know. It assesses you as a human, not as an object or task or tool. It helps you understand your human motivation and this is lacking in modern performance and assessment orientated world. The test result also gives the skills what to do with this knowing, how to self-guide your work and life. I just love this test. I helped me realize that impact, fun and autonomy are my hopy three. And the truth is – if you take any of them away, I either become a stubborn stopping donkey or agressively protecting my space. Neither is pleasant, but if you understand the reason behind, these behaviors become powerful message that you can read and act upon. Thank you for your great work!

  186. Steve Short

    The What Motivates Me assessment is a great tool for building understanding of who you are and why certain things are really important to you. I’ve used it for my own development and found the report’s structure really helpful for that, as it gives not only a description of what my motivators are, but also really clear suggestions for enhancing value and dealing with blind spots and potential conflicts. Interesting and useful. And at less than $40 it’s terrific value too.

  187. Dean

    This assessment gave me a unique perspective into what drives me in my day to day work. I felt it accurately captured the specific areas that applied to me, even though some of them took some reflection before i could confidently agree. I appreciate the insight it gave me.

  188. Paul

    I like this assessment because it is actionable. It helped me understand what motivates me so I can understand how to pursue work and other areas of my life. It helps understand why I am drawn to some things and not others which has helped me do work that is more meaningful.

  189. Dionne Greene-Punnette

    Very valuable tool – gave me a lot of insight into what motivates me as an employee and to optimize that for success.

  190. Suzanne Gates

    We used the Motivators assessment in a regional meeting to help our team understand each other. The assessment drove really great discussions on how we can work together better to become a more cohesive team. I also enjoyed the personal insights on my report. The assessment was uplifting and encouraging and also provided improvement ideas.

  191. Eric Blaylock

    I found the book to be a great resource! It was an enjoyable read and the assessment really help me to better understand the steps I need to take in my career. Should be a mandatory read for people in all levels of an organization.

  192. Caroline Carter

    Phenomenal tool for the toolbox. This is my preferred assessment to use when working with individuals and teams. Evaluations from Motivators Workshops are routinely rated very high. I have repeat clients specifically requesting Motivators Workshop.

  193. Alice Bradley

    Both my husband and I took the Motivators Assessment as a test and the results revealed that we matched six of the top seven motivators! No wonder we get along so well! I have since sent five ‘What Motivates Me’ books to my college-bound nieces and
    nephews to take the Assessment for determining their passions for their future careers.

  194. jhess (verified owner)

    I was so thankful for completing this assessment prior to making an important career decision. The assessment helped me determine what was most important in my life and that guided me in making the right decision. I would recommend this assessment to anyone trying to figure out their next step.

  195. Patrick Snyder

    One of the best tools I have ever used!

  196. Cheryl

    What Motivates Me is a great tool to help chart your path. The assessment and accompanying workbook gives clarity around your passions which can help you focus the future.

  197. Eric Elmblad

    This is a great tool for managers to learn more about your team and have great conversations about what motivates them.

  198. D. Kiernan-Ottum

    A new and interesting tool to use to learn more about yourself, and others – in both your personal and professional life. The Motivators Assessment, combined with Gallup’s Strengths Finder, and Wayne Ottum’s “Lead from Strength” tools and processes, creates a unique and powerful tool-kit for individuals, as well as entire organizations, desiring greatness. The 3, combined, have certainly helped me become a better person, and a better leader.

  199. Ann

    The motivators was easy to use and the questions were thorough. It was well liked by the team!

  200. Jamie Ross (verified owner)

    We have taken several different personality and behavioral assessments in our department, and this one was the most valuable one to date. The information was not only accurate, but it was easy to understand and can used in tangible ways. With other assessments, it was kind of like “This is interesting, but what do we do with it?” With the motivation survey, I have an answer to that question. Great tool!

  201. Carol Cool

    I learned so much about myself from taking this assessment. It helped me to understand things that seemed contradictory between my behaviors and my personality and talents—It’s about my motivations (or lack thereof). I highly recommend this for individuals and business teams.

  202. Chantelle

    It showed me what really mattered to me and lead me in a completely different direction. Thank you for helping me find my dream job!

  203. David

    Great tool for any team to learn about strengths/weaknesses!

  204. Emily

    A fantastic way to connect teams in different ways than some of the other standard personality profiles. This showed underlying factors that contributes to the way each person works and led to some insightful and honest conversation on our team. Highly recommend!

  205. Jodi

    Having used a lot of these kinds of tools, I tend to be skeptical about new choices. Not only did I find this book useful, but for the first time in a long time, I feel that I learned new things about myself, what drives me, my motivators and my identities – and I can see already how I would use this tool with my staff. It’s an entirely new take on personality assessments, and I suspect, a very useful tool.

  206. Lauren Clayson

    This was a great opportunity to learn more about myself and how I can use my strengths to better apply them to my job! I also appreciated the in-depth assessment at the end that explained each result. I also loved the aspect of being able to see similarities between my coworkers, for me that helped build a spirit of unity.

  207. Amanda

    My employer offered the assessment to each of us as a way for us to learn more about ourselves and to give our direct managers a better understanding of how we each work. It was a great way to learn more about what my motivators included – some where a surprise to me! This has been a great tool for my manager and I to discuss where my future may lead.

  208. Amanda Sanders

    This is a fantastic tool for both business and personal growth. It is easy to mistake the things that motivate us for what drives others and this is the perfect step to better understanding your peers and your own drivers and create a better working environment and increasing effectiveness.

  209. Amanda Sanders

    This was a very informative and helpful introspection tool. Not only to better understand how to set personal goals based on what drives you but also to understand your peers.

  210. Paul Walker

    I have taken quite a few different test to better understand what I am good at (Strengths based leadership) and how I can better interact with others (Myers Briggs). I felt this was a more impacting assessment for me as it helped me to better understand my drivers. This helped me to rethink why I get frustrated in situations and why I feel passionate about others. I recommend this for both professional and personal growth so you can better understand the thoughts and actions you take in everyday life.

  211. Stacy-Ann

    I absolutely loved taking this assessment – I do feel like I identified with the results and that they spoke true to who I am. I’ve used the results to work on my blind spots and also strengthened the areas that I already excel in. I would definitely recommend this assessment to others.

  212. Margaret Harris

    I’m really glad I took this assessment. It really helped me understand what truly motivates me. I learned a thing or two about myself that I didn’t realize. I have given this book to a few friends. I encourage everyone to read it!

  213. Jennifer Thayer

    Amazing book! As a University professor, I would highly encourage ALL my students to read this book. I found the book to be extremely enlightening and it really helped me reflect on past employment and the reasons for loving and being dissatisfied in those previous positions. It also helped me to understand why I am so fulfilled in my current position as it aligns so well with my motivators. I wished I had discovered this book sooner in my professional career. I will be encouraging everyone I know to take the time to read and really reflect on their personal career lives and goals.

  214. Kat Ward

    I found this so useful both for myself and as a training tool for our team. I have done personality quizzes and similar before but never found something that helps to understand what motivates me. Highly recommend this for anyone who wants to get the most out of themselves and their team.

  215. Norma Esparza

    I was a little skeptical at first, but after reviewing the report and explanation, I realized some interesting things about what motivates me that I will be able to consciously use in what I do every day to feel more engaged.

  216. Mindy Notte

    Having clear insight into what motivates the individuals on your team is key to connecting their work to purpose. I found the assessment to be simple and the output easy to take action from. The “identities” were also helpful for additional context.

  217. Jan

    This assessment was spot on! It surprised me and I felt like it knew me better than I knew myself. I ended up buying the book / assessment for a peer and my boss. It’s absolutely fantastic and worth the 15 or so minutes it took to complete. Thank you!!!!

  218. Steve G.

    This assessment tool is easy to use and understand. It helped me to more clearly see what motivates me. I used this assessment tool with my team members so that they could better understand what motivates themselves and each other. The information was very helpful…

  219. Jared Bryant – VP – Outreach Media Group

    As VP of Ad Sales for Outreach Media Group, I always use this tool for my entire team and all my new hires. I find that when comparing an employees strengths along with their motivators it really gives myself and my staff the tools they need to better understand themselves and helps me to create an atmosphere of engagement on my team that I would not be able to foster without it. Excellent tool. Two Thumbs Up!

  220. Ani Baker (verified owner)

    I am so happy that my company encouraged me to take this test. I found it to be interesting and helping in learning how I am personally motivated; how I can play to my strengths; and how to better manage. I would love to have the rest of my team take this so I can be a better manager to them by knowing what drives them.

  221. Troy

    Invaluable tool for myself and my team. “Knowing” each other and what makes us tick will up our game exponentially. I will use this tool repeatedly.

  222. Blair Howell

    I have taken several assessments over the years, both professional and personal. So, I didn’t expect this assessment to be any different than the rest, other than some slight nuances. I was pleasantly surprised! Not only was this assessment different but the results were transformational. This is the first assessment I completed where after reading the results I said: “THIS IS ME!” If you want to know what really motivates you to do the things you do then I highly recommend taking this assessment.

  223. Dhandapani D

    I have had lot of discussions around motivation and found that not everyone is motivated by the same levers and for the recognition to be effective it has to align with the motivator for the individual. I happen to come across the
    What Motivates Me book, got curious and bought the same and took the test. I was amazed that there are some many motivators. Knowing my top motivators enabled me the choose the initiatives or activities that are inline with that and I could see a big difference in the outcomes and my own engagement levels. I am planning to use this as one of the tools for coaching my team members.

  224. Mike Cook

    What a great way to understand yourself and the people around you. This assessment tool is easy to use and understand. We will be able to use this information over and over again to help understand a better direction with each other. Thank you.

  225. Lauren Clayson

    This was a great opportunity to learn more about myself and how I can use my strengths to better apply them to my job! I also appreciated the in-depth assessment at the end that explained each result. I also loved the aspect of being able to see similarities between my coworkers, for me that helped build a spirit of unity

  226. Maribel Rees

    I had the opportunity to have a co-worker who had gone to the training give us a training and it was very informative. I enjoyed discovering what makes me motivated at work and also what motivates my team members as well. We are actually using this as part of our professional development tool.

  227. Amy

    I learned so much about myself and my co-workers through this assessment! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to build a strong team.

  228. Holly Smock

    This is an awesome product. I learned much about myself and was able to focus my career goals based on the assessment. I have shared the book with many people including my 20 year old son who discovered college was not for him. He was able to work through some difficult decisions with the aid of this book and assessment. He found a career that motivates him and he is thriving!!!

  229. Alexis Larkin

    A really great opportunity to learn about what truly motivates you to work. Not just what you like or you think is motivating, but actually being able to dig deep into reality. By using these motivators, I am now able to find (or sculpt) a job that will cater to my wants and find a career that will truly make me happy.

  230. Angie

    Just what I needed while I was “job-soul searching”. Going through this book and the assessment really helped me hone in what my strengths and passions are. I had actually taken the assessment once before and by taking it a second time I was able to really pin-point what had changed. I was able to use that knowledge to excel at work and am now happy with what I do and how I do it.

  231. Shea Simpson

    Really appreciated the insight this provided. Thanks!

  232. Jessica

    The Motivators Assessment was really helpful to better understand why I want to do what I do. Surprised me, actually! I thought it was a given that we were all motivated by money, but… turns out that’s the last thing on my mind, and it’s so true. I’ve used the test to help me refocus when things get difficult, and will use it to make sure my future career decisions align with my motivations.

  233. Steve Rowell

    We used this tool as a way to help our son learn more about himself as he readies for his career life. He is in community college and trying to find his way through the maze of decisions he has at this age. Taking the test has enabled him to have a clearer vision of what motivates him to do the things he does and wants to do. As young people it is hard to have a grasp on who they are. This helps take some of the mystery out of figuring that out over time and gives a simple assessment to help move forward with better direction for himself but also to recognize different traits in others and how to work with others that are motivated in different ways.

  234. Kara

    Like the other reviewers, I have done a TON of assessments over the years and this was definitely one worth doing. It gave me specific language to use in interviews to make sure I was choosing a role that is a good fit for me and what keeps me motivated over the long term.

  235. SH

    This was a great assessment for my entire team, and gave us an opportunity to get to know each other better and optimize how we work together.

  236. Jason Moore

    I took the Motivators Assessment and learned a great deal about myself that I didn’t already know. This assessment tool is definitely cutting edge and helps me focus on what matters most to me in a career. It also is used within our department at work to help build and sustain the best possible work relationships.

  237. Reba

    I took the Motivators assessment and it helped me realize what I really enjoyed. that was helping other people. Since then I have worked to use the assessment to do just that in my everyday life and at work. I am happier because of it.

  238. C Towery

    Great assessment! Insightful and helped me determine the next steps in my career path. Thank you!

  239. Pamela Langston-Cox

    This was a great tool to use with my staff, some surprises and much engaged conversation. Highly recommend.

  240. Marie

    Great tool to learn more how what motivates me impacts decision making.

  241. Elizabeth Veliz

    Amazing assessment that gets to the heart of what drives me. I have completed tons of assessments and while they have all been great, none have honed in on what my motivating factors are. This has really opened my eyes about why I react the way I do to certain things. I can’t wait to have the rest of my team take this.

  242. Martin Mun

    This assessment is very useful and important if you really want to know more about your true self. It is in-depth and insightful. Armed with this knowledge, you could really make better career decisions.

  243. Irvine Tannehill

    I wasn’t very excited to take this assessment because of all the others tests I’ve taken, my personally is pretty well rounded to fit all personality types. However, with the results from What Motivates Me Assessment, I can now see specific characteristics that make me who I am and why I do certain things or react in certain ways. I read the descriptions thinking “wow, I say this all the time!” It was very fitting. I will have my husband do this as well. Thank you!

  244. Kurtis Pugh

    We used the assessment tool as a team and one of the largest benefits was to see how we fall in with all of the other team members. Additionally, it was helpful to think about structuring the job based on our motivations not structuring our motivations based on our jobs. Like any assessment it cannot possibly catch every nuance, but it can be a helpful tool. It is easy to use and thorough in its descriptions.

  245. Doug Thomas

    My team at work all completed the assessment and it definitely helped us personally and as a team. We can use what we learned to work better together.

  246. Kim McKinnon

    The Motivators assessment has given our organization a common language to have rich conversations about work assignments and career paths. It’s easy to use and is information you can carry with you for your career.

  247. Dee Allen

    We did the assessment as a work team. It was great to see the commonalities between us as well as the ways in which we compliment each other validating even more why we work so well together. Also on a personal level, helped me connect more closely to my own personal “why.”

  248. Jason Wood

    The information they give about your results is incredible, and by far the best part. Having that information has been instrumental in choosing my career path. Understanding what motivates me helps me to know what career type will bring the most satisfaction, and will allow me to use my greatest strengths and talents most effectively.

    It is WELL worth the price. If you’re even considering it, just take it. you wont regret it. And if you’re not considering it, you should be.

  249. Mary Pat Miller

    This is information I find myself going back to repeatedly whether evaluating a potential job or choosing how to spend my free time. The authors provide clear, but powerful despcriptions that now help me explain to others the type of work that will motivate me. It is an excellent resource and worth the price!

  250. Francisco Aparicio

    This assessment was so insightful! really valuable information to consider for a personal and professional development plan. It really helped me to better understand my drivers and to seek out positions that suit me best and where I can be successful and feeling motivated.

  251. STacey Wilkins

    Adds a great dimension to the see of other assessments. This one gets to the core of motivation and has helped me adapt my style to speak to my teammates in a way that aligns with their motivators.

  252. Chase Osterhout

    Taking this assessment was very insightful and gave me information that I have never thought of before! It also helped me get to know my staff after I had them take it as well.

  253. Jeremy Jones

    I purchased “What Motivates Me” and completed my Motivators Assessment a little over a year ago and have utilized the results numerous times for development conversations with my own leaders as well as when counseling peers on their personal and career development. I have highly recommended the assessment to individuals and to people leaders, particularly those who are new to a team, to help understand the motivations and potential challenges within each Identity.

  254. Cynthia Jones

    I was introduced to the Motivators Assessment when I was in training for work. I was a little skeptical that there would be a test that could accurately tell me what motivates me. I was so surprised when the results came back. Each of my top motivators was something that truly is dear to my heart. It was so accurate, I have told several co-workers about this assessment. It impressed me so much that, when we had to do a report for the course, and we had to list things that stood out to us the most in the course, the Motivators Assessment was one of the items that was included in my report. I cannot say enough good things about this assessment.

  255. Lisa P

    I highly recommend the Motivators Assessment! Our larger team at work took the assessment and shared results, and it was really insightful. It’s also great to know that my manager was completely in tune to my motivators well before taking the assessment.

  256. Jennifer Rojas

    The motivators assessment was fantastic and very thorough in analyzing what motivates me and the others on my team. This really helped me to self-reflect what most motivates me and really think about my long-term career plans based on this.

  257. Jennifer Rodriguez

    Amazing! The Motivators Assessment is an insightful tool to help give perspective not only for yourself, but also your coworkers.
    Our team used it in such a helpful way to learn, grow, respect, and understand each other’s diverse motivators. I highly recommend
    any team to invest in the Motivators Assessment!

  258. Jenna Rosati

    This Assessment was pivotal for our team – we identified what made each other “tick” and have since been able to have more engaging conversations about our roles and responsibilities, along with the culture our team is building.

  259. Ashley Conway

    This is an excellent exercise to conduct with a team. It’s important to know your preferences and the preferences of others to better communicate, form high-performing teams and facilitate meaningful relationships within the organization.

  260. Dana

    The motivators assessment is an awesome, unique way to look at your career trajectory based on intrinsic motivators. It has greatly helped me direct the future of my career, and I have highly recommended it to all my friends.

  261. Kaila Woodard

    I learned a lot about myself taking this assessment. It captures things you may not have thought about and really gives you an accurate depiction of what your motivators are. If you are unsure, I definitely recommend this.

  262. George Stoien

    Very accurate and informative assessment that provides insight into what makes people “tick”. This information is invaluable for teams and managers.

  263. Melinda Burnham (verified owner)

    Very helpful, I learned a lot about myself and using the assessments on a team level to boost how we can work better together.

  264. Aaron Knight

    I learned so much about myself from this assessment – things I never would have guessed. I tried to answer all the questions as honestly as possible and, frankly, I was surprised to learn about what motivates me. It was certainly not what I had thought. Using the comprehensive report, I began to tap into the sources of motivation within myself that I had previously been unaware of. I guess it’s true: “the truth will set you free.” And this assessment is probably one of the very best ways to learn the truth about oneself.

  265. Brandyn Gibson

    We’re rolling out this training across our organization and people are loving it! It is powerful for people to better understand what drives them, and even more powerful for their managers to know their motivators to better utilize and grow their teams. #winning

  266. Mike (verified owner)

    This was really interesting and powerful. I agreed 90% with it right away. Even though I kind of knew what motivated me, it was still useful to get that assurance on paper. What is more all the tips are relevant. I have also checked the book for further information. Highly recommend. May buy the tests for my team members too.

  267. Nekita

    The What Motivates Me Assessment provided me and my team a very insightful way to understand our unique motivators, our team synergies and possible caution areas to be mindful of. We were able to see how our team aligned or didn’t align on specific strategies and tactics. We were able to verify challenging areas and identify great ways to help change our organizational culture as well has how to motivate and engage our team in a positive way. I highly recommend this assessment for any business looking to create a more harmonious and engaging organization on all levels.

  268. Cielo

    This is an absolute must for everyone. Highly recommend taking this assessment when experiencing a life changing event to reassess yourself.

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