What Motivates Me Engagement Training

While most leaders know their true competitive advantage comes from their people, few know how to align work with what motivates them.

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What Motivates Me


Employee engagement scores and KPIs with tools to measure before and after training.


Your top performers by aligning their work to what they’re passionate about.


Employees by holding meaningful aspirational conversations to build career paths.

 Why Employee Engagement Matters

New York Times bestselling authors Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick discuss their extensive research into what drives employee engagement.

New York Times bestselling authors Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick discuss how leaders can get more out of their people and create engaged teams by aligning Motivators with work.

Manage to the One

Engagement isn’t one size fits all. Leaders must get to a more individualized level in assessing what drives each of their team members. What Motivates Me Engagement Training helps you to:


Utilize the world's most extensive and scientifically valid assessment to identify an individual's core Motivators.


Evaluate current roles and responsibilities and determine engagement levels based on alignment with Motivators.


Sculpt an ideal job by determining what you can Add, Alter, and Transfer to align Motivators.

1-Day Participant Toolkit Includes:

  • What Motivates Me Book
  • What Motivates Me Participant Workbook
  • Job Aid Card
  • Motivators Team Report Profile
  • Thank You Note
  • Motivators Assessment

Implementation Options

Become a Trainer

Get certified to deliver What Motivates Me Engagement Training in your organization or bring one of our trainers onsite to your location.. 

Keynote Speech

Learn from our New York Times bestselling authors, academics, and training-industry veterans.

Program Overview

“I have been conducting What Motivates Me Engagement Training for years. Not only is the program fun and interactive, the concepts utilized have helped me promote goal setting, employee engagement, and communication. I would recommend this training to any organization that wishes to propel their employees to the next level and help the stay motivated to perform at their peak.”

Siggy LacayoSr. Director of Learning & Development, Southern Glazier's Wine & Spirits

We Can Help You Develop Your Greatest Asset. Your People.