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Employee Engagement

For 20 years, The Culture Works has worked with some of the world’s most exciting brands to build employee engagement levels. With more than 850,000 people surveyed, we understand the drivers that can enhance feelings of engagement—including career development, trust, communication, pride, alignment to core values, and recognition.

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Building High-Performance Cultures

We help organizations build cultures of belief, where people are engaged, enabled and energized. Our road map for robust culture building is always customized for an organization’s specific needs—helping define vision and values, aligning to a clear customer focus, enhancing agility, and establishing clear accountability.

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Teamwork & Productivity

In today’s average company, up to 80 percent of employees’ days are now spent working in teams. And yet the teams most people find themselves in are nowhere near as effective as they could be. The Culture Works delivers proven ways leaders can build cohesive, productive teams—despite the distractions and challenges every business is facing.

What Motivates Me Engagement Training

Talent Development & Retention

Lack of career development has become the #1 reason why employees leave organizations. The Culture Works has the tools to help managers craft realistic career ambitions with their people, job sculpt, and retain their best talent.

What Motivates Me Engagement Training

Rewards & Recognition

Strategic recognition is one of the most effective ways to spark engagement levels and build a robust culture. The Culture Works—authors of the mega bestseller The Carrot Principle—has trained tens of thousands of managers on the dos and don’ts of effective rewards & recognition.

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Personal Motivation & Job Satisfaction

The key difference with employees who are most engaged and energized at work is whether or not their work aligns with what motivates them. The Motivators Assessment and What Motivates Me Engagement Training are extensively tested methods to identify your teams’ unique blend of motivators and align more of their work with what drives them.

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